LEGO 71310 Umarak the Hunter

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    Description LEGO 71310 Umarak the Hunter

    Track down the enemies with the fearsome Umarak the Hunter!

    Sent by Mukata, Umarak the Hunter is an impressive opponent! Shoot the poisonous hunting bow at the Toa, or power up with the Golden Mask of Control for mind control powers. Trick the elemental creatures into uniting with Umarak the Hunter and use their special powers for the purpose of evil!

    The LEGO 71310 Umarak the Hunter is one of the many sets of the LEGO Bionicle theme.


    • Umarak the Hunter features a BIONICLE head with mask pop-off trigger, Hunter Mask, shadow trap shoulder blades, chest piece with unique runes, unity piece to attach elemental creatures and posable joints.
    • Weapons include bone hunting bow shooter.
    • Accessory elements include Golden Mask of Control.
    • Twist the torso wheel to wield the weapons.
    • Never miss a target with the giant the bone hunting bow shooter and poison arrows!
    • Unleash the shadow traps by detaching from Umarak the Hunter's shoulders.
    • Sturdy design for intense action play.
    • Stands over 11inches (28cm) tall.
    • Switch with other creatures in the 2016 LEGO BIONICLE series to create new combinations of battle powers.
    • Go to for building instructions, games, animations and more. Ask your parents' or guardians' permission before going online.

    The LEGO 71310 Umarak the Hunter is released in the year 2016. The set contains 172 parts. The set comes with no minifigures and 1 instruction. The set is suitable for children from 8 to 14 year old.

    Why you need this LEGO set?

    Millennia ago, when the Elemental Creatures came into being, the shadows gave birth to a terrible fiend whose sole purpose was to hunt the Creatures, to trap and bind them in darkness and drain them of power. He is known among the Protectors as Umarak, which in their tongue means Shadow Hunter'. They fear him greatly and pray that the Toa will be strong enough to confront him. Should the Hunter ever track down the Elemental Creatures, Okoto's very foundation will be threatened with destruction.
  • Number71310-1
    Weight0.278 KG
    ThemeLEGO Bionicle
    Released in2016
    Amount of parts172
    Amount of instructions1
    Age advice8+


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LEGO 71310 Umarak the Hunter

LEGO 71310 Umarak the Hunter