LEGO 71313 Lava Beast

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    Description LEGO 71313 Lava Beast

    Fly the Lava Beast into battle and fight with fire!

    The only Elemental Beast in the 2016 LEGO BIONICLE series that can fly, this buildable Lava Beast features 2 lava-crystal-like wings and slicing lava blades. Turn the wheel to activate the rotating torso for fast-action combat scenes, but avoid the enemy's strikes to the jaw that will pop off the beast's mask. Power up by popping off the Beast Mask of Corruption and add the corrupted Unity Mask of Tahu to gain the edge in battle.

    The LEGO 71313 Lava Beast is one of the many sets of the LEGO Bionicle theme.


    • Features a BIONICLE head with mask pop-off trigger, 2 pairs of slicing lava blades, Beast Mask of Corruption, punchable jaw mask pop-off function, lava crystal wings, armor chest piece with unique corruption decoration, and posable claws and joints.
    • Open the posable claws and then tighten them around the corrupted Unity Mask of Tahu.
    • Pop the trigger of the beast's BIONICLE head to release the Beast Mask of Corruption and power up with the corrupted Unity Mask of Tahu.
    • Turn the wheelto rotate the torso for fast-action play.
    • Also includes the corrupted Unity Mask of Tahu.
    • Sturdy design for intense crash-and-bash play.
    • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 7-14.
    • Stands over 8inches (22cm) tall.
    • Go to for building instructions, games, animations and more. Ask your parents' permission before going online.

    The LEGO 71313 Lava Beast is released in the year 2016. The set contains 114 parts. The set comes with no minifigures and 1 instruction. The set is suitable for children from 7 to 14 year old.

    Why you need this LEGO set?

    The Lava Beast has been summoned from the dark depths of the island of Okoto to help Umarak the Destroyer fight the Toa. Tahu Uniter of Fire has lost his Unity Mask to the monstrous creature, who can now control fire and use it against his enemies. Launch aerial attacks on the LEGO BIONICLE heroes using the lava crystal wings, swipe at them with the slicing lava blades, but dodge their blows that can pop-off his mask!
  • Number71313-1
    Weight0.246 KG
    Package dimensions (lxwxh)18 x 22 x 5.5 cm
    ThemeLEGO Bionicle
    Released in2016
    Amount of parts114
    Amount of instructions1
    Age advice7+


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LEGO 71313 Lava Beast

LEGO 71313 Lava Beast