Fifty years ago, the current LEGO brick was introduced. This is exactly the sameLEGO Child brick as the bricks that we still use today. We can actually say that we are happy with that, since it is probably the most inventive and creative toy in the world. It is therefore not strange that LEGO can put the title ‘Toy of the century’ after its name for the second time. LEGO ensures that your imagination continues to thrive and your mind keeps working. Because LEGO has so many possibilities, it can provide endless enjoyment of play. That is also the reason that these world-famous bricks out of Denmark are played with daily. Building with LEGO is like a journey of discovery: a number of important forms of agility are developed. From design to development, from planning to organization, from creative thinking to math skills – the aspects are limitless.


By means of asking ourselves questions, LEGO ChildLEGO encourages us to resolve situations in imaginative ways. There are no limits; you can see infinitely and experience what the possibilities are. How do I put these parts together? What is the effect if I connect these parts? These questions ensure that we can continue building and that it keeps stimulating us. The options are endless, so that our imagination can keep following its own path.


Playing together is more fun than alone! That is why LEGO is a perfect activity. Because it is suitable for the young and old, LEGO is a unique way to create fine moments, and you are not only building on LEGO, but also on great memories!

Think in solutions

LEGO leaves you free to try things, and gives you the opportunity to do something different. Discovering possibilities is essential in our development. The search for solutions teaches us to think in opportunities and ‘out of the box’. LEGO is a perfect opportunity to become acquainted with this process.

Motor skills

Through the different movements and actions that you undertake when you are working with the different bricks and parts, LEGO contributes to the growth of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which will benefit us a great deal in the future. It is also true that you gain a good deal of self-confidence when the desired result is reached!


Playing with LEGO demands not only a certain agility, but also concentration. Whether it has to do with following the instruction book or building your own original work of art, you can spend hours enjoying it!

Spatial awareness

Length, breadth, height and depth: LEGO asks us to continuously make use of our power of imagination, to which the instruction book also contributes. Working out a design challenges us to imagine what the set will ultimately look like in real life.

Thinking ahead

When you start working with LEGO, you LEGO Childquickly find out that a mistake can be in something small, and this can mean that in a later stage, you have to start all over again. This motivates us to concentrate and to think more about the following steps. In this way, LEGO ensures in a playful way that our capacity for coordination and our planning skills are also developed.

Conclusion: you can learn a great deal by playing with LEGO, and it is also incredibly fun. That is what makes LEGO so special!